2021 Roadmap

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Q4 2021 – Oct to Dec

Token Development

Development of $SCAS coin to power transactions and reward validators in the Hazlor ecosystem.

Community Testnet Development

Community testnet will be available for developers to use.

SCAS Dashboard Development

Smart Contract as Service (SCAS) dashboard will enter into phase 1 of development and internal testing prior to adding to community testnet.

Social Media Channels

Social media channels and engagement will start.


Non-technical whitepaper will be available for all interested parties.

Q1 2022 – Jan to Mar

SCAS Dashboard - Testnet Integration

Our first in class dashboard will be integrated with our testnet for developers and future validators to test all functionalities Hazlor will offer.

Mainnet Launch

Mainnet will have all the functionalities of the testnet but improved in speed/robustness, and using real SCAS as a utility token to run validator nodes and be rewarded for staking in the SCAS. Built using Cosmo and Terdermint, Hazlor will transition onto our own native chain that validates transactions on the mainnet.

Blockchain Explorer

Blockchain explorer will have all the transactions on the Hazlor blockchain visible to the general public.

Ecosystem Projects

Blockchain will be available for anyone that wants to build on top of Hazlor blockchain.