Smart Contracts as a Service™

Secured by SCAS

The FIRST Blockchain with Token First in Mind! Developers can manage their ENTIRE Token with Hazlor Smart Chain Easy to use GUI Dashboard. Whether you’re a seasoned developer or just starting out. Build your Token with NO CODE with Tokenomic specs from “Staking/Minting to NFTS…..Plus… Everything in between!

Stake SCAS

In return for securing the services on the Hazlor Smart Chain, transaction fees and staking rewards are distributed to SCAS stakers.

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Smart Contracts

Staking, Bonding, Escrow, NFT & any Other Smart Contract can be launched from the Hazlor Dashboard in Minutes!


Create Decentralized Apps with Ease. Manage Your Entire Token from Hazlor GUI Dashboard.


Create & Manage Tokens from the Hazlor Dashboard. Launch your Token in Minutes!


Build Smart Contracts using Hazlor Documentation or Dashboard. It’s that Simple.


Deployment on Hazlor Smart Chain & Access all networks in the cosmos ecosystem via IBC.

Platform Cost

With Low Deployment Cost of up to 25,000 times cheaper than other Blockchain Networks.

Speed (TPS)

Built on the Cosmos SDK Ensures High Transaction Speed and Fast Contract Execution.